Model Updates & On site repairs
We will always be prepared to undertake model updates and repairs of our models and other modelmaker’s work. Any such work will be carried out with full product liability cover.

Planning Applications
We can assist with planning applications by providing drawings necessary for outline planning permission, we also would advise the  manufacture of a planning model to demonstrate the before and after scene.

Laser Cutting
Many models are produced using laser cut materials. We are able to arrange customer’s laser cutting requirements. Just ask us!

We have an ability to create complex brass etched components so nothing is too difficult to reproduce in miniature form. Just ask us!

All our models carry a full years warranty against defective workmanship. The warranty does not cover damage through general wear and tear or abuse. Each model is supplied with a care guide, operating instructions where applicable and is covered with full product liability.

We personally deliver each completed model to every customer in the UK ensuring its safe and timely arrival and installation. We will also undertake to move client’s models if their location is to be changed. In the UK each model is fully insured at all stages of manufacture, completion and delivery.